About Kuntal: Photography was a childhood hobby for me. Having grown up in the northern part of West Bengal, my hometown offered me ample scope to take pictures of Nature. From the murmuring cascades to the majestic Himalayas, I clicked on whatever caught my fancy. I probably started taking photography seriously once I bought my first DSLR camera. It opened a whole new world before me-to test, to experiment, to develop. Gradually I realised that my penchant lay where it all began from- Nature/Wildlife photography, especially bird photography.A fairly new entrant to bird photography, I started taking interest in avian photography sometime in late 2011. A chance visit to CKBS on the outskirts of Kolkata with another photographer friend was the initiation. Though I am equally passionate about photographing landscapes, unfortunately Kolkata doesn't offer the scope for landscape photography. Hence birding came naturally. Over the last two years that I have clicked avian species, I have tried to capture anything and everything that caught my imagination from a common house sparrow to the beautiful pheasant-tailed jacana. What also interests me further is special moments that birds engage themselves in. The kingfisher diving to catch that minuscule shrimp in a split of a second or a green bee-eater tossing the bee in the air to devour it or an open-billed stork trying to make that perfect landing in a lush green paddy-field- every single activity of birds excites me, fascinates me, intrigues me and provides me the fuel to capture more such moments.

About Anindita: She is incurably lazy :) . A dreamer and a habitual procrastinator, she escapes to the hills whenever she can steal time. When she is not reading, she is writing and vice versa. When she is doing neither she is travelling with her partner in crime, her husband. For her living, she teaches English. She loves her cup of Darjeeling. Currently her world revolves around her toddler daughter. She lives in Bangalore but plans to retire in the hills of North Bengal. She has been fortunate to have had her short stories published in literary journals like The Bombay Review, Café Dissensus, The Indian Review, etc. Her travel essays have been published in Saevus India.

Few of her published work:

Short fiction


  • Elsewhere Lit: Chacha

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